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  • Ogbunike top
  • Ogbunike top

Ogbunike, a cave in Anambra state in eastern Nigeria surrounded by forests and accessible via ten tunnels, is teeming with adventure and daring. Kind of like this top, with its flared, organic-cut sleeves, subtle zig-zag motifs, and all-over discreet perforations. These patterns of perforations are typical of the ancient style of aso-oke weaving. This top rocks because it looks like it might fall apart -- the vintage fabric from which it was made, was woven in the 70s or 80s, but it's sturdy and strong, its aged property lending it organic movement as you walk, run, dance, etc in it.

- 100% cotton
- zig-zag pattern in cut of design
- reversible: can be worn with the v-neck or square neck in front.
- Made from four to five different aso-oke types collected over years and carefully assembled. From the yellow-and-black of the sleeves to the green shoulder strips, to the grey-and-purple and grey-and-blue fabrics.
- Features strips of perforations, typical to this style of aso-oke weaving. The holes are part of the hand-weaving, a bit like a style of crochet pattern.
- Fits size S/M/L
- free worldwide shipping
- Nigerian made from locally woven cloth

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