Minku is a source for Nigerian-made clothing and leather accessories, available worldwide.

At the heart of Minku is an urge to preserve and expand Nigerian-made, using local labor, and made using local materials as much as possible.

Minku bags are lined with aso-oke, a locally-woven fabric that is the cornerstone of south-western Nigerian festivities.

Born and raised in Lagos in south-western Nigeria, Minku founder Kunmi's thesis is the development of new, globally standard uses of aso-oke.


The clothing collections she creates in her workshop expand the use of aso-oke, while sparking dialogue on sustainability and cultural heritage preservation. By deconstructing fabric and leather, then reconstructing it in lattice form, she creates not only visual symmetry but also an addition to the textile waste conversation, where small pieces are naturally incorporated into the finished form.

Kunmi has been recognized for her work at Minku's helm and prior, including at her alma mater, Virginia Tech, in Blacksburg, and at Queen's College in Lagos, where, as a high school student, she won the Fine Art prize every year. She is one of Forbes' 30 Under 30.