Idanre skirt

  • Idanre skirt
  • Idanre skirt

1999, a cohort of pupils from Queen's College Yaba Lagos including yours truly was on a geography excursion trip, known as 'acculturation', to get to know parts of their gorgeous country besides the bustling city in which they studied. One of the stops? Idanre Hills, a stunning vista of hills up to 3000ft (914m) above sea level, replete with historic significance, lush views, and steps (682 of them!). My maternal grandfather's hometown, Idanre is one of those places I visited and never wanted to leave. This intricate skirt I made from not quite 682 -- maybe 68.2? -- cutout pieces of aso-oke fabric, seeks to convey the intricacy and beauty of that historic and agriculturally significant hillside town.

- 80% cotton; 12% silk; 8% metallic threads
- Nigerian made from locally-woven aso-oke fabric
- features dozens of pieces cut from complementary-colored aso-oke, then sewn together
- 3-inch thick waist band
- Sizes Small, Medium, or Large
- Free worldwide shipping