Four years on, Minku continues to define a fresh sub-Saharan aesthetic through its subtle use of cultural elements and artisan approach to contemporary bag making.

Minku founder Kunmi was on a computer science research and consultancy path when she discovered her intense enjoyment of designing and creating everyday items.

Born in Nigeria, she attended secondary school in Queen's College, Lagos, where she won the Fine Arts prize every year.

In 2014, Forbes Magazine named Kunmi as one of the 30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs in Africa (Forbes list pdf; interview html).

Minku is a family-run limited liability company.

The Minku philosophy:

  • There lies a unique beauty in things painstakingly handmade.
  • Repurpose, reuse, and reduce waste (80% of our bag interiors are lined with repurposed items of Yoruba ceremonial dress - aso-oke and damask fabrics).
  • Personalized design over masstige whenever possible.

The typical Minku loyalist:

  • has a strong ability to respond with appreciation and excitement to everyday items made in an unusual way.
  • appreciates the functionality of a well-made bag.

If this describes you, man or woman, welcome home.


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