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  • Image of Alagbede notebook - black
  • Image of Alagbede notebook - black

Eighteen copper-alloy busts dated to 1300 C.E. were unearthed in Ife, a West African kingdom. The sculptures, representing the Ooni (ruler) of Ife, featured scarification (lines) and holes for attaching hair and moustache, reproduced as lines and dots on the covers of the Alagbede notebooks.

Stitching? Plugs of hair? Protective porcupine-y spines? Let the OCD in you find a use for the holes.

Alagbẹdẹ means blacksmith in Yoruba.

- Italian leather exterior
- imported dark-blue banana paper (Nepal)
- bamboo interior-cover upholstery
- 60 pages
- Smyth-sewn binding
- hand-stitched closing flap
- Minku stamp on back
- comes in Minku packaging
- includes information card as shown
- Nigerian-made
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