Our new collection, Joy Club, is out now.

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Written by Kunmi on April 2, 2021.

I wanted to celebrate human versatility and resilience, through a collection that is a joyful antidote to the current state of the world. Through the use of aso-oke, I wanted to celebrate Lagos, city of my birth, where I learned to smile and to see the good in every situation. I hope this collection makes you smile, too.


Written by Kunmi on May 4, 2020.

I am gradually getting into the flow of work, following maternity leave I took to birth our first child. Becoming a mother makes me even more excited to make things that are beautiful, fun, and useful.


Written by Kunmi on October 19, 2019.

Step 1: Visit the shop to see the array of leather goods conceptualized and created in our atelier. Step 2: Customize your choice, to elevate it from belonging to keepsake.


Written by Kunmi on June 14, 2019.

Satori (悟り) is the Japanese term for an enlightenment that comes in reward for intense concentration on the task at hand. It aptly describes, for example, the aha feeling I experienced days before Calculus III exams at university, when I'd finally dedicate time to full comprehension of the concepts touched upon in class.

Atelier Fifty-Five was founded by Tapiwa Matsinde to celebrate artisans striving for satori in their work, often incorporating a wabi-sabi style that translates to rustic simplicity and the acceptance of imperfection in the handmade.

You are invited to take a look, and to share in the artisanship of our and other design workshops sourced by Tapiwa's keen eye.


Written by Kunmi on November 18, 2018.

The homepage now bears our holiday gift guide.

Shipping times remain the same: 7-10 business days for orders to the US/Canada; 4-5 for the UK and Western Europe; 10-14 for the rest of the world.


Written by Kunmi on June 13, 2018.

If you ever wondered how the Minku aesthetic would translate to clothing, you’re not alone. The sophomore collection of womenswear and menswear from the leather goods company (founded in 2011) gives a glimpse into the textiles side of the mind of its founder and creative director.

What it serves is a playful complement to the leather goods: an airy, grown-up selection of separates and dresses, with a hint of street and a firm grasp of what’s good right now for the city or town dweller for whom getting dressed is not a chore, but a fun endeavor.

That the clothes are an exploration of aso-oke, a traditional Yoruba fabric that exists only as 4”-wide strips, is only one aspect of this groundbreaking collection. Crop tops, scalloped edges, high-waisted shorts, hand-lettered graphic tees, lamé... creative director Kunmi is relentless in her quest to see how far she can stretch the use of her home region’s typically stiff ceremonial fabric into the realm of the casual and the contemporary. If this collection is anything to go by, the answer is that she has only just scratched the surface.

Model: Alicia
Photography: Kunmi
Press inquiries: pr[at]minkudesign[dot]com


Written by Kunmi on May 15, 2018.

These are the outfits you'll want to create your best summer memories in, whether getting greasy at a barbecue party or dancing glisteningly in the moonlight or being the designated driver on a much-planned road trip.

Named after fruits and nuts much consumed during high school days in Lagos -- the agbalumo top; awusa high-waisted shorts, or awin/lickylicky (I know!) high-waisted shorts -- these clothes, designed, cut, and sewn by Minku founder Kunmi, represent how she's thinking about summer dressing right now.

Shop them on minku.com, and look out for the men's clothing line this summer.


Written by Kunmi on December 15, 2017.

I think we charged our last shipping fee this week. Since Tuesday, I've implemented free worldwide shipping in the e-store.

Shipping times remain the same: 7-10 business days for orders to the US/Canada; 4-5 for the UK and Western Europe; 10-14 for the rest of the world. As before, you'll receive a tracking number. Happy holidays, and welcome to a new era at Minku.



Written by Kunmi on September 27, 2017.

What is special about this collection is the use of aso-oke in a new way, cut up into letters and sewn onto clothing as appliqué (by hand, averaging 30 minutes per letter). Lesson: sometimes, innovation just means doing old things, but in slightly new ways, using slightly unexpected materials and/or techniques. I hope you find a lot to enjoy in this new collection, and in its presentation. Photography: Kunmi | model: Alex Gatto

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Written by Kunmi on April 7, 2017.

We are working on a menswear collection to be unveiled this summer. Though we have offered select items of menswear since 2013, the upcoming collection feels more deliberate. What can you expect? Well I have this thing for the warmth, comfort, and subtle thuggery of hoodies so I'll be making more of those. Also: jackets, work-shirts, and summer shorts, all made using aso-oke and, in some cases, imported raw silk.

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Written by Kunmi on October 30, 2016.

The Dariji is a Minku bucket back with an exciting juxtaposition of unusual textures, vibrant hues, and this mini size, sealed with an almost impractical drawstring closure.

In the spirit of Halloween, a few tricks for wearing it:

1) Re-tie its hand-rolled tie straps to suit cross-body or shoulder length.

2) Wear it as a cross-body bag for daytime or evening.

3) Tuck its lambskin interior out a bit, for a fur-trimmed look inspired by your favorite 19th-century Russian literary character (I'll go with Anna!).

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Written by Kunmi on August 8, 2016.

Tilehin means to offer support to, and for the bags in the Fall/Winter 2017-18 collection, I wanted to explore loving and supportive actions: palerin (make [another] laugh), wosan (heal or nurse back to health), dariji (forgive), korin (sing to), and more. Yes, guilty of all, as charged :-) You can start to see the collection, like the pictured Wosan bag.

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What's popping this Saturday

Written by Kunmi on April 7, 2016.

You're invited to our pop-up store on Saturday April 9. It will be from 1pm to 10pm at Stranger in Lagos. Don't live in Lagos? We are offering free shipping on all orders placed on April 9 and 10 (code on our home page).



Written by Kunmi on March 18, 2016.

For the new collection, I extended my work with vegetable-tanned leather to include bags. A close look at the bags reveals a rebellion against the rigidity of vegetable-tanned leather [Share on twitter]: a fuchsia gourd/bag that starts off as a pyramid tapers out to something less definite. A deep brown satchel-style backpack has twisty lines and atypical proportions.

I've also made our first pair of slouch-fit trousers constructed strip by strip from aso-oke fabric. Look out for new bracelets in mid-April.


Written by Kunmi on February 27, 2016.

I'm working on the new collection and it's inspired by birds. Okin (peacock), pepeye (duck), lekeleke (white egret, which my sister and I used to sing "lekeleke gba mi leke..." to, whenever we saw them in the skies in Apapa)... Soon we'll have the full collection up. So far, the Pepeye bag is here.

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Written by Kunmi on November 26, 2015.

Our Alagbede notebooks -- with their vegetable-tanned leather covers, rustic gift-wrapping, and exotic papers (made from banana tree parts; imported from Nepal or India or Japan...), will be sure to delight everyone on your gift list.

And from now until Saturday November 28, we are offering complimentary name engraving on them.


Written by Kunmi on October 11, 2015.

Advantages of vegetable tanning include less water needed for the tanning process and less chemicals released into the environment.

Not to mention the delectable matte surface owners of vegetable-tanned leather products get to enjoy. Get on the bus. Available in six colours. [Tell us your favourite].[Share on twitter]

Rules to live by

Written by Kunmi on Sept 28, 2015.

I do a happy dance each time someone receives their Minku bag and reports on how soft it is to the touch.

What many people don't know is that each leather used in our atelier is carefully selected and then plied to give it a tactile sensation that will make you want to pat your bag on the back for no reason at all during the day [Quick example].[Share on twitter].

Dune and Desert

Written by Kunmi on Sept 20, 2015.

What has the summer been like? It has included creating a set that evokes the Saharan desert landscape. It has involved taking pictures of a model in said landscape.

She has happened to be clothed in an aso-oke top made in our atelier, and in proximity to a Minku bag in each of the photos [Full lookbook].[Share on twitter].

Minku at the Commonwealth's virtual currencies working group in London

Written by Kunmi on August 23, 2015.

Our founder addressed the Commonwealth's Virtual Currencies Working Group on our use of bitcoin as a merchant. The venue was the Marlborough House in London.

You may read more about our current views on digital currencies here and here. We continue to accept bitcoin among other payment menthods, for all purchases made via our e-store.

A new dawn for blogging

Written by Kunmi on Sept 18, 2015.

Tired of using the branded themes of other establishments, we will now be blogging in our own space. It will be a minimalist process, one focussed on the message and, where applicable, a simple image that drives it home.

There will be external links. Welcome to the new face of blogging at Minku.